Old builds keep running even when a new build is deployed

Hey, My python web service is connected to github. So, whenever there’s a new push, it automatically deploys it. But the problem is, even when the new deployment is completely done and running, the old ones keep running for 30 minutes or so.

This is irritating, I DO NOT want my previous builds to keep running when I deploy a new one. How to do that?

Hey there,

One quick clarification, you should expect to see two instances running for approximately 30 seconds, not for 30 minutes. If you have some logs you can share that suggest you’ve got multiple versions running for 30 minutes please do let me know, we’d definitely want to address that.

There is no way to disable this. We do get a fair amount of questions about this from users running bots, where multiple instances can cause problems, on a Web Service instance, where multiple instances are a part of Render’s deployment approach.

If you are running a bot, they are best deployed to us using a Background service - these run persistently in the background and don’t expose any web server.

If you do have logs to share, but don’t want to in a public forum, please feel free to open a support ticket.



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