Publish services at the same time

My frontend service takes cca 5 minutes longer to build than my backend service. Can I somehow connect them, for the one that completes earlier to wait for the other one and publish them together?

My releases almost always include changes in both frontend & backend. If one is released 5 minutes before the other one, it produces a ton of errors to the user because they’re not in sync.

I’m trying to migrate over from Netlify & Heroku. My current release flow on these services looks like this (in a GitHub Action):

  1. Trigger frontend deploy on Netlify, but don’t auto publish.
  2. Trigger backend deploy on Heroku and publish it.
  3. Call Netlify’s API, to publish the latest build.

The 3. step publishes the frontend just a few seconds after the backend, so both are released pretty much in sync.

Hi Dejan,

We don’t have the option available at the moment on Render. We do have an open feature request around this, which you can upvote to receive updates on: It may be possible to set up your deploy logic by using the deploy hooks or our REST API to deploy the services, rather that using autodeploy.


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