Running frontend and backend physically close together

Hey Tom,

When you convert your frontend to a static site, you will be able to take advantage of our CDN and it will run as close to the users as possible. So there should be no performance hit and your site will most likely feel faster since the static assets will be returned to users more quickly.

I’m also working on deploying the same stack (Elixir API + React frontend) and would like to take advantage of the CDN capabilities for the React app. Question is - is it possible to have control over the timing of the two deploys given both apps live in the same git repo? For example, my preference would be for the backend to deploy first and potentially block the frontend deploy if something goes wrong (say a failed migration).

Assuming this would need to be orchestrated separately via “Deploy Hooks” (such as via Github actions)?

Good question @blambillotte, and yes, I think deploy hooks are the way to go here. After the backend is successfully deployed, it could trigger a frontend deploy using the hook.

You could probably put together a more robust solution with our forthcoming API, which will have endpoints for triggering deploys and checking on the status of a deploy in progress. Would you be interested in early access to the API?

Hey @david thanks for the quick response! I’d certainly be interested in checking out the new API if it’s available soon.

Great! We’ll get in touch when those endpoints I mentioned are available in early access.