Continuous Integration and Render

Hey! Great work on Render, pretty impressive by the first looks of it though I am facing an issue. I’m deploying a Nodejs app with Express and have a CI (for integration/unit tests) in-place via Github Actions, but Render doesn’t seem to wait for the CI to complete and I couldn’t find any options that would enable this behavior.
I would really appreciate some guidance on how to enable this.

FYI - I have the same repo connected to Heroku, and both Render and Heroku are connected via Github integration, if that makes any difference.

Glad you’re enjoying Render!

Every service comes with a deploy webhook. If you only want to deploy once CI passes, I would suggest disabling auto-deploys for your service and adding a final step to your CI pipeline to use the deploy hook after everything passes.

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Just wanted to chime in and say that it’d be great if Render could handle this out of the box the way Heroku does. Is there a guide in the documentation that provides some guidance on how to achieve this?

Hi @MikeWilson ,

I definitely agree with you. We’re actually tracking a similar feature request at Only deploy after CI tests pass | Feature Requests | Render, and I encourage you to upvote it and add any details of your use case if you think it would help. We use that to help us prioritize and design new features.

As far as guidance, we don’t have a tutorial, but we do have docs on our deploy hooks (Deploy Hooks | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers). If you have any questions on how to use these, please do let me know.