Pre render service

Hi there. Is there any plans to support a pre rendering service? This is so SPA applications can have certain pages pre rendered with SEO meta tags

We are currently evaluating this and have an open feature request on our feedback page: Prerendering support | Feature Requests | Render

You can upvote the request and potentially give more information on your use case so we can gauge interest and notify you of any updates.

Hey, I just tried an example repository using the tool, and it worked, but you will have to deploy this as a web service, and not a static site since the content is dynamically served.

Thanks. Yea unfortunately I am using a SPA so I don’t have a server in front for the client side. Otherwise the prerender tool would be good option

It seems I may be able to setup a web service and use nginx in front. As pre render has a nginx config - Official nginx.conf for nginx (

Is there a repo or template I can use as a starting point for a Nginx + Static SPA build (with nodejs environment) dockerfile setup?

This would be an awesome feature

We don’t have an example repo nor doc page for that, but you can refer to either the doc you have from or this one: javascript - Using prerender with proxy in nginx - Stack Overflow to create your nginx service on Render with a docker image that you create, where you can set rewrites to your static site URL. Here is the official GitHub repo for nginx Dockerfile examples: GitHub - nginxinc/docker-nginx: Official NGINX Dockerfiles

Got it thanks - btw is the Dockerfile used to deploy static sites on Render (using yarn install & build etc) open source? and do you use nginx internally?

Hi @viperfx, the Dockerfile is not currently open source, but there’s a good chance we will choose to open source it in the future once we can do so safely and securely. In the meantime I’d be happy to answer any specific questions you have about the build environment for static sites. We don’t use nginx internally to my knowledge.