Serving assets under the same domain as web service


I have a site running on Linode and I’d like to port it to something like RENDER. I’ve been looking around at RENDER and others and trying to figure out how I can serve my static content from the same domain as the web service in a performant way with something like x-accel and/or in combination with something like nginx content caching. Sometimes I want to control the authorization in my dynamic website code at the same domain but do the actually serving with something like nginx and sometimes I just want to proxy onto S3 but to cache common requests locally for nginx to serve.

Is something like that possible ? It seems normal to me but doesn’t seem like anyone else are doing these things. Thanks.



Hi Ian,

Thanks for reaching out.

I’ve not tried it personally, but I expect you could use Nginx as you describe with a Docker environment, maybe utilising a Render Disk to store/cache the S3 files. However, these would still be served from a single origin (where your Render service is provisioned).

We do have a feature request on our feedback site to provide a CDN option for web service static assets: CDN for static assets in backend apps, please feel free to upvote/comment if you feel this would help your use-case.

Please let us know if we can assist any further.


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