Ignore Dockerfile?

Problem: I have a repo I’d like to try deploying, but it has a Dockerfile in it and that Docker is a beast (installs Puppeteer) and my deploys are timing out or running out of memory.

Question: I am wondering if it’s possible to setup Render in a way it ignores my Dockerfiles in order to complete its build?

Hey Dave,
If you’ve chosen a Docker environment for your service that we would deploy the service using the Dockerfile by default. You are able to choose one of our native environments when you create a service which would stop us from trying to deploy your service as Docker.

Also, from the settings page of your service, you can control the Docker file path so you could specify a more lightweight Dockerfile if that would work?


John B

Thanks @John_B. I missed the Docker vs. Node app portion of the setup. I ended up deleting the Docker app and resetting up a Node app and it worked. Thanks.

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