Moving from Supabase to Render Postgres

We want to move our postgres from Supabase to Render. (The fourth of four parts of our stack to make the move! We already have what used to run on three different cloud platforms running on Render.)

We’re working on getting data from Supabase to render, with minimal downtime. (I was already able to move over the schema with no fuss.)

Two ideas:

  1. Make the render database a read replica of supabase. Then once it’s fully replicated, promote it and switch over.

  2. Schedule downtime with our users. Put supabase into read-only mode. pgdump and pgrestore. Cut over to the render database.

We would much prefer (1) if possible, but the issue I ran into is that you guys don’t allow superuser access on hosted postgres which seems necessary to make a read replica. Maybe someone can do that part for me on your end?

For (2), it was taking hours to download the pg_dump, so we could contact Supabase to see if they could help us speed that up.

If you have any other ideas, I’m all ears! Thanks :slight_smile:


Did you do this? If so, what steps did you take?

I did do this! We did a dump & restore. The main challenge was how big our database is. How big is yours? There are a couple tricks I did to speed it up, but they might not be relevant if your database is only a couple gbs.

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