Phoenix/Elixir HTTP Error 404 "page not found"


I have added a custom domain to my web service (Elixir). When I call the page e.g. 3 times I get an HTTP error 404 Page not found, sometimes also at the first call. More over, when I click a link to move to another page I have the same issues.

I also tried it with the render domain for the service and had the same problems.

I’ve deployed the service as described on Additionally I added check_origins for the allowed domains in prod.exs of phoenix because sometimes I use liveview for my pages and need a websocket connection.

Can anyone help me?

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

Sorry for the delay getting back to you, are you still experiencing this issue?

We refreshed some things our side last week which should have now resolved the issue. However, please do let us know if you see that behavior again.

Kind regards