I have this node application working where I had to upgrade mongoose in the package.json, but i didn’t in the package-lock.
I deploy from github, and I use also other services like render as backup for my application, but, when I use these services, they won’t deploy my application as there’s a difference between the package and the package-lock, only in mongoose.

I was wondering how the build in render works, as it seems doesn’t care about this difference. And moreover, I wonder if it creates internally its own package-lock? If it does, can I access it?
Thank you.


This wouldn’t be a Render-specific question but more a question about the behavior of npm. Render builds only run what you put in the Build Command. The npm command has various options, e.g. --no-package-lock on npm install. You’d need to refer to their documentation for all the details and see if it matches what you trying to achieve.

If you run a command that generates files (whether that’s a package-lock.json or anything else), you can use the “Shell” page of a service to look at the filesystem (require a paid instance type).


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