My node app repo won't build or deploy but same code works on Heroku and Railway

I’m getting this error:

NODE_ENV=production npx balm app
BalmJS `balm.config.js` not found :(

The problem is, my app doesn’t use BalmJS, it uses a different package called @dylan/balm which has a balm executable.

Is there some kind of magic that render uses to try to run a package I’m not using? Any help getting deployed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Shane,

Thanks for reaching out.

The Build Command for your service doesn’t appear to install any dependencies, could that be the issue here?

Also, it may help to ensure you’re specifying your Node version to match your development environment: Specifying a Node Version

Hope that helps


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Thanks al_ps, that solved it! I was expecting render to use my package.json file for those settings like Railway and heroku does.

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