Major regression with npm version


We have the following in our services package.json files:

  "engines": {
    "node": ">=18.7 <19",
    "npm": ">=8 <9"

It used to work fine until now and render would exclusively use npm 8.

We are now unable to deploy because render is using npm 9 as shown here:

Hi Sonny,

Our npm is the version of npm that comes with the Node version you’re using.

18.14.0 comes with 9.3.1 npm as detailed at if you were to lock to 18.13.0 you’d be back using npm 8.19.3


John B

Thank you.

I didn’t expect Node.js to update to an npm version with breaking changes in the LTS version. It seems very short-sighted. I have reported the issue to Node.js Stop updating npm with breaking update in LTS · Issue #825 · nodejs/Release · GitHub

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