Outgoing DNS not adhering to TTL

One of my render services is connecting to an external service through a hostname.

The hostname has a TTL of 1 minute. It has been this way since forever.

The IP-address of the external service changed due to an ISP change. Render is still trying to reach the service through its old IP. The update happened 3 days ago!

Because the TTL of 1m is set on the domain, I expected no longer than 1 minute downtime after the IP was updated on the domain name.

Hi there,

Yes, in general, that is what you expect. However, in my experience, DNS can be a fickle thing, but 3 days is on the extreme end of issues I have seen with DNS changes.

Next time I would recommend with an issue like this, is to go to your services shell and check the host is resolving correctly with nslookup. If that works as expected, it is most likely going to be related to how your application is making the connection to the external service or the client library making the connection.


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