Any Deploy Hook Parameters?

I’m wondering if there are any parameters that can be passed to a deploy hook. Specifically, is it possible to trigger either the “Restart service” or “Clear build cache & deploy” functionality with a deploy hook url?

For background: we have a rare intermittent issue that seems to happen every few days and is fixed by a server restart. Using another service (cloudamqp) we could have it trigger a webhook when this issue occurs. But our server will not work if a regular deploy is done, only clearing cache first will work.

Ideally we could just “restart service” but clear build cache & deploy would work as well.

Hi Billy,

At the moment, the only parameter we support for deploy hooks are specifying the git commit SHA for a specific commit: Deploy a commit | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers.

However, we do offer the ability to restart a server, or clear the build cache and deploy via our REST API.


Thank you for this info. It will be a bit tricky since this other service only performs get calls to webhooks but I can possibly just have it bounce through an internal API route for this purpose.

I don’t see any info about restarting the server using the API, can you point me to that?

Edit: I found it here - thank you again

Hi Billy,

Sure - that’s nested under a different section of the API reference. You can find that here:


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