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Hi, before starting this thread here I started one in the REST API Early Access category but had no luck with responses for over a month now. As the title might suggest, is there (or will there be) an Open API spec file published for your APIs? I’d love to explore building a native Pulumi provider for it.

Hi Preneet,
Apologies for the silence in your other thread - this category is the only one we monitor for providing support via.

I don’t think we have an Open API spec file published, but I believe that you could take our published API on Postman ( and export it and then use a tool like to generate the file you want perhaps?


John B

@John_B that’s helpful! I’ll take a look at the Postman collection. Thank you.

There was a problem downloading the converted file from I ended up using postman-to-openapi | 🛸 Convert postman collection to OpenAPI to convert the Postman Collection to an OpenAPI spec file.

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Great - Happy we could help!

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