Pulumi provider for Render

I am a former Pulumi employee who is now independent with my own business Cloudy Sky Software. A while back I was here in the community asking about the OpenAPI spec file. Well, I’ve been working on a Pulumi plugin for Render based on that OpenAPI spec and I have a preview build for it that mostly works. There are some things I see with the API that I’d love to discuss with the engineering team. What’s the best way to provide that feedback? Please feel free to DM me.

Hi Praneet,

Thanks for reaching out.

If you’re wanting to make feature requests, our feedback site is the best place so they can be reviewed by the team and other customers: https://feedback.render.com/features

Or, if you have specific questions, feel free to ask here or through a ticket support@render.com

Kind regards


@al_ps thank you for getting back to me. I’ll email your support alias as I think my feedback is more like questions rather than feature suggestion for the platform.

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