Not Found on Static Site

I am trying to serve a frontity powered static site using render, frontity is a front end framework for wordpress sites (it is essentially a react-js app). It outputs to /build/ with its structure as [analyse, bundling,static] and a file server.js

The build succeeds with the build command npx frontity build. But the site returns a “Not found” message.

Has anyone setup a frontity project with render before? Or am I pointing it to the wrong folder?

Hi @lindev , Frontity is designed to run in a Node process, so does not work by default as a static site and must be created as a Render web service. You can see that the assets are getting created and served as plain text if you visit /server.js on your site.

Frontity’s docs do show that you can serve the static/ folder (docs), but I’m not familiar enough with Frontity to know if this works without running a Node process, or if that’s still required.