Static site "your site is live" but not found!

The site consists of files and folders as below:

  1. portweb.html
  2. style.css
  3. images(folder)
  4. scripts(folder)>scripts.js
    Publish directory ./
    the deployment had no fatal errors but when I click the link ‘not found’ message pops in the browser.

trying to understand issues to solve one by one:

  1. I understand the issues with static site relates to ‘npm run build’ and ‘publish directory’- how to create the build script and how to set ‘publish directory’ ‘./’, is it going to be manually done in setting of render dashboard? Also I have set Build Command in the settings ‘npm run build’.
    2.what will be the file structure push to github repository for static site? as i have above mentioned files
  2. My code IDE ‘pycharm’ terminal does not recognize ‘npm’- should I install node.js? and initiate ‘npm init’ then ‘npm run build’ in my IDE then, push to github repository the codes. and then link github to render?
  3. What should be the file created in local directory after running in the terminal ‘npm init’ and ‘npm run build’?


“Not found” on a Static Site means we couldn’t find an index.html in the “Publish Directory” you defined.

You mentioned a portweb.html - which seems to be uploaded as expected. Change that to index.html and redeploy if you want it to be loaded under just


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