Static Site builds taking 1hr+, not showing up once built

I am evaluating render to move our startups entire infra over to from Heroku/Vercel.

Things are going good so far in terms of DBs, microservices, etc., but I am having lots of trouble with our static sites.

The two static sites I am trying to deploy are create react apps that have relatively small footprints, and yet builds are taking around an hour each, and even once they build the pages are just showing a “Not Found” message. When I try to view the deploy logs, their is nothing in the output other than a black screen as shown in this screenshot.

The only thing somewhat non standard with these two apps is that two of the packages they rely on are being provided locally and not through NPM. If this is the issue, how are private packages that are not registered with NPM meant to be handled?

Hi Paul,

This is certainly unexpected.

Regarding your service not being found, it actually appears to be up. There is just no index.html page, so Render can’t serve requests to the root domain. This is likely due to a misconfigured publish directory. Making requests to specific files works as expected. Example:

Are you able to try rebuilding your service to see if the long build time was a one-off issue?

Your right it was the build directory which I had not specified in my settings. I updated that setting and the builds are now happening very fast and there is output in the console. Thanks for the quick sanity check.

Glad to hear!

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