404 not found on paths

Hi, i recently deployed my frontend on a static service on render, and now I cant access to paths. Example:

I need to enter first avoqado.io and then i can access /dashboard

GET https://avoqado.io/dashboard 404 (Not Found)

I have my Vite React front end on static render and my backend (node express) as a webservice also on render

Did you see our guide on deploying a static site using React? https://docs.render.com/deploy-create-react-app#using-client-side-routing

Sorry no, but I would advice to let users know when deployed a static site this instructions. I google everywhere and that doc didnt appear anywhere.

Also on this link:

doesnt specify

Oh, It’s nothing Render specific, it’s just down to how React sites run in production compared to in development locally, https://create-react-app.dev/docs/deployment/#serving-apps-with-client-side-routing - not all static site need the routes.