Node js app timing out during deployment

Hey! Have a simple discord bot that I am trying to deploy, but I keep seeing deploying, and then it times out. The service does start but then after a while it timesout. Any pointers?

Jul 13 08:55:45 PM  ==> Starting service with 'node DiscordBot.js'
Jul 13 08:55:53 PM  Logged in as User314!

We had this deployed on heroku before (seems to be the same configuration) so unsure what could be causing this.


Hi @Sanket,

I am looking into why this is happening. One thing I want to ask first is where is DiscordBot.js located in the directory structure?

Hey @tyler its in the root directory!

Hey @tyler curious if you had a chance to look into this?

It looks like the health check for your service never passes and your deploy eventually times out. Does your service run a web server? If so, you’ll want to make sure it responds with a 200 response code for a request to the root of your domain (eg. If it doesn’t run a web server, you will want to use a background worker instead of a web service.