I am trying to host a discord bot on render with a web service but deploys always fail

I have tried everything I could have done but no avail I have also contacted support they said that the problem is with health check so I tried to define a path to health checks but their I encountered a bug in logs the health check was saying the port to be 8012 but in the gui it was 1000 i tried on both port but the service is still failing I added a flask website and after flask not working i deployed a html site also but no avail I am new to the platform and do not no if the problem is in my code or not dso i am also attaching a link to my code also 4.3 KB file on MEGA
i have removed my bot token from there there are many videos from their you can learn how to generate a discord bot token

this is the link to updated code discord-bot-main.zip - Icedrive

Handled privately.