My static site is still serving old, deleted content

Hi all,

I have a static site hosted on render that is backed by a private GitHub repo. I’m having a problem where HTML files are being served that no longer exist in the repo.

The HTML files in question were being produced by a python build script that created them in a directory called build. However, over a year ago I removed that build script and simplified the site to just serve files from a directory in the repo called public. (Obviously I switched the “publish directory” on my site’s settings from build to public during this transition)

Everything is being served fine from the public directory but it seems like everything that was in that old build directory is still being served as long as a file of the same name doesn’t exist in public. These files are even being picked up by Google’s indexing which is a little concerning as the styling is completely broken as other files that the old content depend on are missing or have been changed.

I have tried clearing the build cache and re-deploying and accessing the site with my web browsers cache disabled and still get the same result.

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