Multiple profiles configuration on the CLI

I am using Render CLI and I have two questions:

  • Is it not possible to create the second profile just yet? I don’t see any command under render config to create the second profile. render config init or render config init --force only rewrites the default profile.
  • Is --profile option (also known as -p option) not working just yet? I manually created the below config but the commands render services list -p default and render services list -p second show the same result. :thinking:

My config:

version: 1
sshPreserveHosts: true
    defaultRegion: oregon
    apiKey: redacted
    defaultRegion: oregon
    apiKey: redacted

Hi Arun–

Looks like a bug in profile selection. Profiles are still a bit of a stub, and that’s a good call-out that we should clear that up.

As this is an open-source project, we are attempting to centralize discussion on the GitHub repository; please post further issues there. I have posted an issue to track: Finish out profile management · Issue #46 · render-oss/render-cli · GitHub

In addition, if this is related to the 1Password work you (I think it was you?) asked about, please reach out to us directly at to discuss the best way to handle this.

Thanks for your help!


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Thank you for your patience, Ed. Been backed up with a few other things lately, and I just had a chance to followup here.

I see a new sub-command for profile addition which is great news:

I’ll reach out by email to discuss a few other things though. Thanks!

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