Release Announcement - Render CLI v0.1.3, now via Homebrew!

Hey folks! We announced v0.1.0 of the new Render CLI just before the holidays, with more to come. I’ve been cooking on distribution and making it easier for you to get hold of it.

On your Mac (Linux Homebrew isn’t tested but should work as well), you can go:

brew tap render-oss/render
brew install render

And you should have yourself a shiny CLI in a few minutes.

All of this will be getting into our docs pretty soon. We wanted to get this stuff into a good spot before opening it up, but also wanted our community folks to get an early bite at the apple.

Thanks for using Render!



Hi! I am building a 1Password shell plugin for Render and I am wondering if a docs page is up yet that explains Render CLI. Thanks!

Hi there - cool! Formal docs are in progress, but I have a feeling we don’t quite have what you need yet. Feel free to email oss [at] render [dot] com and let’s chat about it.

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