Migrating DNS to render.com without downtime

Is there a way to migrate my application to Render without serving an invalid SSL certificate for a while?

I have my old application served up on legacyhost.com, CNAME’d to mydomain.com. Now Render wants me to change that CNAME to somedomain.onrender.com. When I do that, users will attempt to connect to Render before Render has acquired a valid SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

fly.io has this feature where one can start the ACME challenge while the CNAME still points to the old, working host: Custom Domains and SSL Certificates · Fly Docs

Is it possible to replicate that with render?


As this is service specific please contact us directly via the ‘Help’ link in the top navigation of our dashboard picking the service in question as part of the process and we can discuss with specific domains here,


John B

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