Migrated from Heroku and have to say Render is great!

Just have to say this platform is great and the migration experience has been a breeze. I love the UI, it’s clean and simple and the dashboard is a great overview of all my deployed apps.

I started with my backend migration planning to keep my frontend hosted on AWS Amplify. I figured why not test the frontend and see how it is. My website was noticeably snappier on Render and only took me 10 minutes to get deployed and running versus a few days spent struggling with random Amplify bugs and their yaml file. Plus the price is 1/3 of AWS. Needless to say I moved over my whole stack to Render.

The community here seems solid as well with speedy forum search. Any questions I had I was easily able to find a solution for with a quick search over here and the support from Render seems top notch with the ability to easily get in touch with a support engineer.

Appreciate the solid product <3


Thanks for the kind words! Happy to have you on Render!

John B

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