Migrate WordPress Site to Render

Hi there,
I have deployed WordPress from github examples (fresh version)
is there any guide to rips to migrate already existing WordPress site on cPanel to render?

As FTP is not working for my render account

Hi there,

We don’t have any specific guides for that scenario, it seems you’ve found another post with some basic steps of importing a MySQL DB: https://community.render.com/t/import-mysql-database/257/3 . I’ll reply there separately.

SFTP on Render is working as expected in my testing, it does appear to be an issue with your local setup preventing you from connecting: https://community.render.com/t/sftp-ssh-connection-issue/3481. I’ll also reply there separately.

magic-wormhole would be an alternative to SFTP to transfer files onto a Render disk, as mentioned in the docs and the MySQL post.

Hope that helps