Maximum temporary storage for service?

What is the max space that temporary storage can use on a render service? I think I’m running into this issue with workers restarting because their temp space is going over whatever limit is set in place (the worker gives a “server unhealthy - Cause of failure could not be determined” message).

Render services can use up to 2GB of temporary storage. That message isn’t very helpful in determining what went wrong and we should document this limit. I’ll share this issue with our product team.

I started a disk for the service but had a question.

The dashboard is showing disk space that doesn’t match what’s actually in the disk I’m using. I’ve removed all files from the directory, but it’s still showing ~1gb used.

Checking via SSH and within the Rails console using Dir.glob("/var/lib/mydisk/**/*") there are no files. It was updating quite frequently before (every minute or so) and it’s been like this for almost an hour, so is there some way that files can take up space on the disk without actually being present in the directory?

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