Manual deployment of static site fails with internal error

Deployment of all my static sites, hosted on gitlab are failing since today (29-08-2022) morning.
Attached error screenshot, not sure what exactly is causing error.

No new event added to events section to see logs.

Need help on this urgently!

Please head to the ‘New +’ button on the dashboard and pick ‘Static Site’ and make sure your repos show up in that list. If not, use the ‘Connect GitLab’ account link to make sure we have access to your repos,

John B

Followed the steps. I can see my repo in list of repos.
Still it I see same error.

This did not fix the issue.
I thought of deleting static site and creating new one, that does not work too, as my branch name does not come up in list of branches.
This is complete blocker and all of sudden render has started breaking my production releases.

Also, render community response is very slow.

This got fixed automatically today morning (7th Sept), and deployments are working now.

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