Render is not updating the site with new pushes

Hi, I don’t know if there’s something I have to do to make the “automatic” deployments work? I have tried manual, I have tried manual build, clear cache and build, but neither of those actions updated the static site.

I have read through the 1 other question in the forum that addresses this and it seems he got his to work automagically.

I welcome any recommendations.


Hi @al3sha, we’d be happy to help you get automatic deployments working. Can you provide the name of static site in question? Feel free to follow up here, in a DM, or by emailing

It appears the email reply mechanism didn’t translate to the community. I’d replied a while ago, here is what I sent you:

If you go to :…master/src/views/About.vue you will see that the page should read, “This a foo page.”

If you goto: … you will see that it does not reflect what is in the github.

thank you for your assistance.


It appears it never posted because it had too many links :confused:

Hi @al3sha I’m sorry the email didn’t post properly! I took a look at your site and you do have automatic deployments enabled and your repository is private which means it may be a permission issue with Github. Can you try following the steps outlined here Troubleshooting GitHub | Render and see if that helps? You may need to push a new change to see the automatic deployment. Feel free to DM me or follow up here if this doesn’t resolve the issue.