Latency difference making external API call

Hi everyone,

I’m experiencing some slowness when making external fetch requests from my Render server. The same request from my client (to the server endpoint making the outbound request) is 1 second on my local and 7 seconds using Render. I understand there’s going to be some latency difference in a remote environment, but this seems excessive.

The response times for my other endpoints are reasonable so I’m having difficulty pinpointing the root cause of the slowness. Is there any firewall, proxy, throttling, etc. used by Render that would explain why an external call is taking this much longer in a remote environment?

Also, I should note that I’m not using the free version.

Thanks so much!


Nothing built-in would explain why you would get such a delay on Render vs your local environment. I’m not aware of your code or the particularities of your environment, project, etc. so if you want us to dig deeper, please share a bit more information about your service on Render, the call you’re making, what you’ve tried, etc.

If you want to share this info more privately, contact us straight from the dashboard.

Render Support, UTC+3

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