Slow API response from web service


I am a new user of Render and have so far liked how easy it is to use relative to other platforms.

However, I have an issue which I cannot figure out how to solve. I have a Python web service (standard plan) that hosts my API endpoints and a static site in React JS that calls those endpoints. I have noticed that the API calls can be extremely slow, sometime as slow as 20 seconds to respond. But not all API calls are slow, which is what’s strange to me. I’m calling those endpoints using the public URL directly, which may not be the best choice but I’m also not sure there is another option given that the internal domains are not available for static sites.

Would anyone have any advice on how to debug this issue? Thank you.

Hi there,

It looks like you may have also filed a support ticket about this. Let’s address this issue in that ticket to avoid duplicate communications.

Let me know if you don’t see my response to your support ticket.



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