Initial Rails deploy stuck on "still downloading cache"

I’m making my first Rails deployment on Render, and it’s been stuck on “Still downloading cache” for an hour now. Is this normal for an initial deploy?

The postgresql service seems to have deployed pretty quickly by comparison.

Edit: Okay, it ended with a status of 16, which I learned was because the bundle was not configured for the linux system.

I had to perform this command and redeploy

bundle lock --add-platform x86_64-linux

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

No, that’s not usual. Have you tried kicking off a new deploy? Do you see the same issue?



It eventually ended with an status of 16 and I was able to figure out the problem.

Thank you for your help!

I’m currently stuck at “Still downloading cache…” in my Render deploy. How long did it take for your web service to resolve to status of 16 and what did you do to solve it?

EDIT: I see your solution for this with:

bundle lock --add-platform x86_64-linux

I’ve already prepared my file for this, so I think I’m just stuck waiting for it to resume deployment at the moment

Hey all - just letting you know there is another thread on this: Deploy stuck at "still downloading cache" - #3 by Kyle_Alwyn

According to a support ticket, this was an issue on Render’s end, which they say have been fixed.

Still seems a bit worrisome that this info hasn’t made it to the whole team.

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