If I have a PostgreSQL database and a web service I should like differente products, right?

Hi everyone! I have a question
If I have a PostgreSQL database with starter pack ($7) and a web service in starter pack ($7) I should pay $14?

Purchasing the starter pack I will not loose the data in my PostgreSQL database?

Can I have starter pack in compute usage and free plan in teams? How does it work? The compute costs + plan, right?

Thanks in advance!


I replied to the ticket you also opened, for completeness, I’ll repeat it here:

If you have a paid instance type on a database, it will persist and not have the 90 day expiry of the free instance type Postgres databases. It will also backup daily.

A Web Service & a Postgres Database both with a single Starter instance type would be $14/month, excluding any build minute/bandwidth overages.


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