Build successful but at the at it failed

Im running a bot it build successful it even login in bot works fine but after some time it just show development failed then bot goes off after some min

Its stuck on processing can anyone help me with this

I’m not able to identify your Render account from your email here but that looks like you’re deploying a bot to a webservice using our free plan. Web services are required to expose an http endpoint which I would suspect your bot doesn’t do so the deployment is marked as failed.

John B

Its worked but the bot will go offline automatically after some time like a hour or 30min and if i try to redeploy it will send double message as it start the previous instance too i think and when i try to suspend service to stop it didn’t work i have to change the bot token to make it stop,

How to fix bot going offline aftee like a hour it happened twice nothing show in logs etc @John_B

That sounds like you’re using a free web service - they are stopped when they receive no web requests. Bots should use a background worker which isn’t available on a free plan.


John B

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