How to host a chat app from the beginning which has been developed in VS Code using MERN Stack , WebSockets and Tailwind CSS?

I have developed a chat app in VS Code using MERN stack, WebSockets and Tailwind CSS. Can anyone help me by providing step by step breakdown of the hosting process on render.


We can’t give you a step-by-step guide on how to host your specific app on Render because, honestly, deploying a MERN app there isn’t all that different from deploying on any other cloud service. But you should definitely check out the examples at They’ve got some great insights on deploying a Node app on Render, among other things.

In a nutshell, to get your app up and running on Render, you’ll want to start by pushing your code to a GitHub repo if you haven’t done that already. Then, head over to Render and set up a new ‘Web Service’ linked to your repo. During the setup, you’ll need to tell it your build command—usually something like npm install && npm run build for compiling a React frontend, or whatever else your app needs to get ready for being served. The start command is typically npm start, to get your Node server going.

Make sure you’ve entered all the environment variables your app depends on, like database connections and secret keys, into your service settings.

After you’ve got your commands and environment variables settings ready, It’ll take care of the build and deploy for you after the service is created. When it’s done, you can check out your app live at its Render URL. If it fails, look at the errors you get and fix the code/config bit by bit.

Render Support, UTC+3