How can I check that my long running application and PSQL instance are both on AWS or GCP?

I’m investigating some intermittent, slow DB queries we’ve had and wanted to double check that both our DB instance and our application are both hosted using the same cloud provider (AWS or GCP).

Both our application and our Postgres instance have been running on Render for a few years and I’ve read in a couple other threads on here that all new services will be deployed to AWS.

Does that mean that a past deployment would have migrated our hosting, or do the instances remain with which ever provider they were originally created on since they aren’t “new” services but comparatively long running?

Thanks for any info!

Hi Tristan,

We’ve never moved services - so your services here are all running in GCP. If you were to create a service in a new region then it would be on AWS or if you created a new team and provisioned services in Oregon they would be in AWS,

I hope that helps,


John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

Awesome, that’s very helpful to know, thanks!

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