Does render use green energy?

It seems that runs its own servers and does not host on GCP/AWS?

One of the major points drawing me to GCP is that they power their servers with 100% green energy ( Google Cloud Environment Go Green ). Can something similar be said for render?

Our US region currently runs on Google Cloud and our EU region runs on AWS. Our energy standards will be consistent with what those providers advertise.

Are there any plans to also offer GCP in Frankfurt? I would be using the european version. AWS does not really care for sustainability unfortunately.

Going forward, we will most likely be moving to bare metal servers rather than using the major cloud providers. The environmental impact of our energy use is important to many of our users and will certainly be factor as we choose providers to work with in the future.


Having a good cloud provider that is independent of the big companies and running green energy would be great!

Is there a very rough ETA for these plans?

Agreed! It’s something that’s important to us as well.

We are in the early exploratory phases of the project so we don’t yet have any kind of ETA, but it’s a higher priority item on our near-term roadmap.

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@jake just moved a project over from heroku and wanted to add suppoert for not using AWS for your Europe region - I’ve been looking everywhere for an alternative and moving to your own servers would be fantastic!

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@jake If you were to move to your own metal, would you still make google cloud an option? Our database is using google cloud sql, and that cannot change (due to other services we have running on GC). Also, is there any plans for other GC regions support?

We plan to keep our existing GCP and AWS workloads, and there are no immediate plans to move them over to metal. If and when that happens, we will only do it with your consent.

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thanks @anurag!

last question for you @jake or @anurag : Is there any plans for adding more google cloud regions? us-east1 in GC would allow me to switch a lot of my ops infrastructure over to Render, otherwise I will unfortunately not be able to be a customer :frowning:

Sadly, no short term plans for expanding on GCP, but I’m optimistic about latency because we will hopefully be able to set up private GCP connectivity with any metal provider we use for us-east.

AWS claims to care about sustainability: