Hello, is there a way for me to connect to redis private service?

I want to use the redis-cli on my private service on render, is there a way to connect to it from my machine, or since it’s a private service I can only connect to in from other services that I have on render?

I need to flush all present (queue) keys, since It’s already taking too much memory?

If there is no way to connect to it, can you give me some suggestions as to how to flush render redis DB?


Hi @dameradev ,

If you’ve deployed redis using these instructions, redis-cli is already installed on your private service. You can access it by clicking on the “Shell” tab of your private service, and typing redis-cli at the prompt.

If the private service is listening on port 10000, you also have to specify the port value like so redis-cli -p 10000 since redis-cli, by default, assumes that redis is listening on port 6379.

Let me know if you have more issues using redis-cli!