Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

I have a redis instance created following: GitHub - render-examples/redis: Persistent Redis as a private Docker service on Render

I am trying to deploy simple node app that attempts to use redis instance:

const connection = new IORedis(REDIS_PORT, REDIS_HOST), where REDIS_PORT and REDIS_HOST are coming from the redis service using yaml config.

const jobsQueue = new Queue(‘jobs’, { connection });

But I keep receiving Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

Your config looks good, but I am not familiar with IORedis.

To troubleshooting potential connectivity issue, you can launch another Redis docker web service, which will built-in redis-cli.
You can use this redis-cli to connect to your original Redis service.
If connecting successfully, it means the Redis server is good. Then the next step will be troubleshooting your Node application code.