GitHub Render App installed, but can't find the repo


I have installed the GitHub Render App into my GitHub Organization, but the repositories don’t show up in the list on the Render websites.
The same repo is connected to Vercel.
I had the same issues before, when the repo was connected to Render, I wasn’t able to retrieve it on Vercel, and now I have the opposite problem, since I converted my personal GH account into and Org.

How can I fix this?

When you added the Github Render app did you grant permission to repos?

If you get to the repo picker and choose ‘Configure Account’ under GitHub on the right side that should drop you into and the permissions page. For more details, when we populate the repo list we make a call directly to a Github API endpoint asking what repos your connected account has access to so it’s most likely that this is a permissions issue on the Github side,