Get fixed mac address

is there a way to ensure the mac address from deployment is fixed? is it possible to see what it is? ifconfig on the shell doesn’t work for me

No. What are you using the MAC address for?

One of our software licensing requires this

@adrian Is there are way to get a range of possible mac addresses?

The MAC addresses that we use are effectively random. We don’t have a process today to statically set those. If you don’t mind me asking, what software are you running and is there some other licensing enforcement mechanism?

this is it:

Do you have any suggestion? I’m a bit lost here, if I’ll use an outside service with a fixed mac address, the service will slow down as it will have to communicate intenet :frowning:

We spoke out-of-band but I wanted to contribute back here.

For something like CAD Exchanger, they specifically mention medium-to-large VMs in a cloud environment. It’d probably be more cost effective for you to do that for this particular use case. If you do go the self-managed VM route and you’re worried about latency, we run our infrastructure in Oregon and Frankfurt, so if you have a latency-sensitive application communicating out to, say, a self-managed cloud VM, then it might be a good idea to choose data centres in or close to those regions.

Hey! I didn’t get your suggestions here. I am in direct contact with their support and they request a fixed mac address regardless

Hi @grmmph ,

I’m taking over support for @adrian.

When you say you didn’t get the suggestions here, can you elaborate? What additional information can we help you with?

Hey Dan.

My question is simple - is there a way to override the docker run command. I can simple fix the mac address if I’ll have access to it. Alternativly this can be done via docker-compose.yaml

No, Render services cannot override the docker run command, and we don’t use docker compose to deploy services. Setting the MAC address won’t be possible for a Render service, so @adrian 's suggestions will be your best route if CAD Exchanger is unable to use a different licensing mechanism.

They can’t. I’ve been over with them for few weeks and couldn’t get them to agree

How do you suggest calling the CGE instance from render while staying in the region scope. I’m really worried about latency for this solution.

If you have any tutorial to point out to, I’d love to know

I don’t believe we have any tutorials on this. I don’t think I’m familiar with CGE—is that CAD Exchanger?

Our Oregon region is currently hosted on Google Cloud, and our Frankfurt region is currently hosted on Amazon Web Services, so if you are going to host a component outside of Render that you need to speak to with low latency, I’d recommend using Google Cloud in the Oregon regon or Amazon Web Services in the Frankfurt region, depending on where you’re hosting your Render service.

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