Genuine Question: Why does Render feel so unreliable? 😔

Hey folks!

I have been using Render for quite some time now and because of it’s great DX shifted my whole company’s infrastructure here. As much as I would like to love Render, the frequency of issues such as deploys not working or even a complete service outage for multiple hours make me feel extremely disappointed.

Whenever I reach out to support (even though it takes +4 hours) they are friendly and competent. However, this does not solve the underlaying issue. At the moment I feel like Render works great for hobby projects but anything more serious could drastically suffer from these atypical issues I would not expect from a platform a service provider. The idea of a PaaS is the remove the headache of worrying about the underlaying infrastructure and DevOps but at the moment I feel like it’s the opposite.

Another example: Right now the status page says: “Some Cron Jobs and Deploys are failing in the Oregon region” while in fact it seems to pertain to the Frankfurt region as well. Doesn’t say it anywhere. I just get an internal server error. I don’t even want to imagine what would happen if the update I would like to push would be a mission critical bug fix…

I am sorry for this being more a rant than constructive feedback but given that my income depends more or less on Render’s services and experiencing more than a handful of issues over the past few months I am getting a bit more emotional.

What’s your opinion on this?


Hi there,

We completely understand your concerns. During the incident we realized that the impact was more significant for deploys than initially stated on the status page. We are committed to making these incidents more descriptive as we learn more and have since updated the status here to reflect the full nature of the issue. We plan to review this incident fully (as we do all high severity incidents) and I will follow up with a direct message with the details of our review.

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