ERROR: permission denied to create a database

I am trying to create another database in an already existing DB instance like this and I am getting this error.

psql version: 14.5
database instance creation date: 4th Oct 2022
db service id: dpg-ccu8v8ien0hklj3cbp6g-a

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Stefan,

I’ve updated database dpg-ccu8v8ien0hklj3cbp6g-a to have the ability to create multiple databases. Please let me know if you have further problems creating databases!


It’s working now, thanks. I thought this is available automatically on a new databases as is stated in the linked docs. Was this some kind of exception?

Also, when I am trying to connect via the external connection URL, but with just the DB name part changed to the new DB name (which I successfully created), I get SSL connection has been closed unexpectedly error.

OK, I updated my client app (Postico) and now it’s working. Solved.

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