Can not connect to PostgresSQL Database

Hi, I can not connect to my PostgreSQL database from my local machine.

It returns an error like

SSL connection has been closed unexpectedly

This is my settings

I can connect with the command line but not with Table Plus
Btw, the connection from Google Data Studio with a self-signed certificate stop working.

I see we have a new SSL connection here but not sure is it the reason or not

Thanks for your time.

Hi Thien,

I was able to use the Import From Connection option in Table Plus and connect to one of my databases on Render.

Pasting the contents of the External Connection String from your Render Dashboard into the Connection URL text box that appears when you click on Import From URL worked for me.

From your image it looks like you are trying to connect to the postgres database which is a reserved database on Render that user’s can’t connect to.

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Thanks, I put the wrong database name.