Error: P1002 - Adding new migration

When i try to add migration with " npx prisma migrate dev --name “reservationgendertype” command, console gives error. Was doing fine before.

Error: P1002

The database server at was reached but timed out.

Please try again.

Please make sure your database server is running at

Context: Timed out trying to acquire a postgres advisory lock (SELECT pg_advisory_lock(72707369)). Elapsed: 10000ms. See Development and production for details.

My database is up and running. Is there a way to solve it ?

Hi there,

This error occurs because Prisma has a 10-second timeout when trying to acquire an advisory lock on your database. Were you running any other Prisma migrations at the same time? I’m not sure what keys Prisma would use, but you can check the pg_locks view for any locks in your database.


Render Support, UTC+10 :australia:

It just solved automaticly after some time, probally server side running backup or something.

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