Elixir observer

I am trying to get see the state of a elixir process. I want to use :observer.start() to do so. Is there a way to launch observer?

  1. Connect locally to the render server, using :observer.start(:‘my-api@render-ip’, :my_secret_cookie). But, I don’t know the secret cookie of the elixir process started on the render server.

  2. As observer is such an important tool, is there any change to have it added to render under a tab?

You can try observer_cli. To run the graphical observer from a remote machine you will need to use SSH and have your application join the cluster.

Have you tried setting the cookie via the RELEASE_COOKIE env var?


Thanks for your help. Will have a look at the release cookie.

@Frigidcode I’ve tried to connect the node, but can’t seem to get it working.

I keep getting the following message:
System NOT running to use fully qualified hostnames