IEX Remote debugging

Hi, friends! I’m new to actually running and supporting Elixir in production, so just starting to learn the ropes around things like debugging prod-only problems.

I’m reading through this guide about connecting a local IEX debugging session to a remote node, which sounds super neat:

And wondering if there’s any way I can get this done on Render? I can only find internal IPs for my node in the dash. Is there a way for me to proxy the necessary ports?

Actually, on that matter, is there a way to get SSH access to my node from my terminal, and not just from the browser terminal emulator?

Hi @mrmurphy,

Unfortunately you would not be able to set up the IEX shell this way yet as we don’t have the external IPs exposed. We’re planning to implement SSH access soon, which would also allow you to set this up the way the tutorial is describing.

If you upvote this feature request on our feedback page, you’ll be notified when SSH becomes available: Ability to SSH into instances | Feature Requests | Render.

Done. Thank you, Tyler!