Does my Application/Web Service get rate limited?

I have two web services that utilize a free PostgreSQL database and I have my cron-job sending requests at 5 minute intervals . I use these cron-jobs requests so that the web services do not spin down after a few minutes without a request. The interesting piece is that the cron-job requests will randomly timeout. It could be 2 hours or 6 days until my cron-job shuts off after too many failed requests.

I currently use this service:

The response from Render is the following: 503 Service Unavailable

And the following headers:
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2024 22:10:01 GMT
Content-Length: 0
Connection: keep-alive
CF-Ray: 88f37d844ba49b9b-FRA
CF-Cache-Status: DYNAMIC
rndr-id: ab8e8f08-737e-4123
x-render-routing: dynamic-hibernate-error-503
Server: cloudflare
alt-svc: h3=“:443”; ma=86400

Any advice would be appreciated.

We provide free compute with the spin down after 15 minutes so that we can continue to offer our free instances. If you want to keep them active then consider using paid instances and not abusing the service by falsely keeping the service awake.


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As a point of clarification I did not know that keeping a service awake is “abuse”. What is the point of having a hosted application that takes a minute to start up? People don’t wait a minute to have URL load.

Do I need a “Team” subscription to have a couple small web services/PostgreSQL db running to avoid a 1 minute start up time?

The point of having a free application that takes a minute to start up is that it is an infrequently used service, and presumably not a production one where people waiting a minute is an issue.

Upgrade the service to Starter to keep it running.

In regards to free services spinning down to reduce resource consumption is fine and I understand that now. As someone who is open to purchasing a Render plan its strange to have the first comment on my post stating that I am “abusing” the service.

From my perspective I setup the cronjob because an application that takes a minute to start up is basically useless. I can run my application locally to test and develop it. People don’t wait a minute for a URL load and I would need to explicitly tell anyone that views my app it isn’t broken… it just takes a minute to start up.

I would expect Support to explain how the service was meant to be used and the sorts of options available to me.

Free services are not meant for production usage, they are meant to sleep when not in use because they’re not frequently needed, nor demanded. They are not meant to be used in a context where waiting for them to start up is not a problem. Keeping a free service awake arbitrarily is abuse of the Render platform because it is a free service.

If you want a service to be awake without startup time for any user that needs it, upgrade to Starter.